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Suicide and the Resurrection of Christ

I propose a new way for Christians to think about suicide in light of the Resurrection.
Jacob Sparks
4 min read

The Trap of Secular Spiritualism

Slogans like “live your truth,” “do what makes you happy,” and “radiate positive vibes” are all based in secular spiritualism.
Lily Lynch
2 min read

Unholy Alliance: Facebook Brazil and Government Censor Right-Wing Movement

Brazilian activists count on social networks to counteract the mainstream media narrative and reach voters with our message.
Trad Mag Editors
7 min read

A Sinking Ship: The Case for Dropping The Euro

The once glorious prospect of an economically integrated Europe has presented insurmountable global challenges for countries whose economies are not equipped to deal with...
Michael Molinaro
3 min read

The Untold Trials of Middle Eastern Christians

Christians are being driven out of the Middle East. Pressure from Islamist groups and economic forces make remaining in Middle-eastern countries less and less...
Cyril Lewis
2 min read

What Planned Parenthood’s Profane Ad Reveals About Our Culture

While the industry has always relied on people having irresponsible sex, Planned Parenthood used to claim that they made the world safer for those...
Lily Lynch
1 min read